DJMM 9-6-2018 The Chuck Hut

Once again, The Destination is the beginning and the end of the evening, with Chase, Michael, Isaac and Dylan jamming it down in the Chuck Hut. Yup, you can bet that Doc and the MadMan were smiling for hours afterwards as those energetic lads favored us with some Cross Canadian Ragweed and toyed with the idea of building a song out of some Grateful Dead Licks ! We stroll down the tune laded path laid by Stratocaster and Gibson, Cajon, egg shaker and Ibanez bass. It was a jamfest fit for an Equinox-ial warmup… which it IS ! Yep, this is announcing that the lads from Hwy 9 West will favor us with their best on the upcoming festival at Lake John Wells next seasonal turning point. Come see us in a couple weeks when we lay it down with thse boys and SEVEN more bands! Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan; we’re DJAMMIN the “Nox !


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