DJMM 9-7-2017 The Rat and the Rabbit Together Again!

DJMM 9-7-2017 The Rat and the Rabbit Together Again!

Rat and Rabbit, together again. When’s the last time you talked about flying saucers (REAL ones ! ), ATHs, also known as “all terrain heifers” – and the full blown hurricane known as Irma that’s bearing down on the Gulf? All jokes aside, we do a moment of reverence this evening for the folks who are suffering due to the recent hurricane in Houston, and show great appreciation for our remote but safe little state.
We give a great deal of time to the sport of “Disc Golf” or “Frisbee Golf”, as our little town recently has installed a respectable handful of very nice goals in Roye Park. We talk at length about the game, its origins, the people who popularized it and where she got her name. Grampa Brown imparts some living history with us in a story about a grist mill that sat where DJAMM Studios does today, and we catch up with Six Flags, the Seven Legged calf, soon to be a traveling icon of learning, leg churning and hay burning. Tune in tonite as we get it RIGHT. !! DJAMM IT !

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