DJMM episode 190 fast train to georgia

DJMM episode 190 fast train to georgia

I been to two goat ropin’s and a county fair and I ain’t never heard nothin’ like it ! Yessir … it’s a wonder any one of us will make it to heaven at all after seein’ the likes of what we’ve witnessed ! To-nite, DJ and MM wend their country hearts through a Billy Joe Shaver Fa-Vo-rite. “I been to Georgia on a Fast Train.”

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The Dynamite Dreadnoughts talk about shopping online, the perils of wearing false teeth and all the things a person could possibly dream up when living in a small town. Stick with us as we contemplate the needs, wants, desires and ample attitudes of two everyday Super Heroes going about their wondrous everyday lives. It’s a thrill every ten seconds of every minute times one tonite for DJ and MM: Featuring Phyllis Diller, Buckminster Fuller, Groucho Marx and Topo Gigio . TONITE… we be DJAMMIN’ !! -DJMM

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