DJMM 12-28-2017 Happy New Year!

DJMM 12-28-2017 Happy New Year!

When January ’17 rolled around
And time was on its side
When Donnie Trump started to rant
And Obama took his last State Heli ride;

Tom Petty was sure he’d be around
to wish the Stone Temple well;
And Ralphie May’s room service tray
Was happily loaded to hell

One never knows from whence Trump blows
Or why the insulters flew, et. al.
Why lovely women put up with it all
From Weinstein, Kevin, C.K. and Al

For Death is the ultimate equalizer
Saint or demon; tycoon, mizer
December found many more in the ground
Than thought they’d be calling themselves much wiser.

Doc and the Mad-man are no sages, di-van
they just watch, listen, comment and mourn
But tonite is the once yearly
We say goodbye to those, dearly
Who we’ll never know were re-born

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