DJMM 11-30-2017 Sluggin & Buggin

DJMM 11-30-2017 Sluggin & Buggin
A haiku for you
hits home in Oklahoma
Listen, Laugh, learn, LIVE !
On this SPECIAL EDITION DJAMM, the undisputed Princes of Okie Tusk mix nonsense with MadMan’s considerable tech savvy. The concern tonight? Whe’r or not Net providers have a right to censor our sensible internet prowlings.
In other words, Internet ain’t soon gonna be what it was. Net Neutrality? Are you gonna be, or Be naught?
Slugz n Bugz n turtles in flight
Creepies and crawlies what go bump in da night…
Graphic novels in hovels and artists a-draw; Maus-es and Spendor and pizza , yee haw ! Talk about turkeys and puppies and long lost manners
Co-hosts now fired, good riddance Perv Pests. Hope you find a good box for your desk. RIP GOMER !!