DJMM 6-22-2017 Summer Solstice

“If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.” It’s an adage we’ve all heard many times. These are amazing times in which to live. We get to choose who, what, where when, why and how. Now the emphasis can be on a ‘designer’ Where and How ! Tonite, Doc and the MadOne choose up sides and talk about an area planned community and look at the pros and cons as residents see them. We also talk a bit more about Angels; What happened in History today and who was born today. On the Summer Solstice Soiree, we hint at the upcoming treasures of Summer 2017. Do you like privacy and pedestrian neighbors? What about a school that’s handy, a lake that’s dandy and a drive that can be pretty short for your commute? That’s all here on tonight’s DJAMM !!! Jammit, folksies !!