As Sir Isaac Newton once said after the apple fell on his P.C., ” Forecast calls for ROCK this weekend!” You got it, boys and girls, they Third Annual Rock the Equinox Concert is happening this weekend in Stigler at the mighty and majestic Lake John Wells near Stigler. And, as you might guess, Doc and the MadMan have plenty to say about it . After a rundown of the bands, the food, the folks and the fun, the Dastardly Duo depart on a journey leading through the magical land of fun, including Crap we Found Online, MadMan’s Mind Blowers and Wive’s Tales No Wife Will Want. Tune in to the podcast and learn a whole lot more than you ever cared to know about katydids, the guillotine, hangover cures and what else may ail ye ! We be DJAMMIN’ this WEEKEND at LJW !!


DJMM 9-13-2018 Fallsy Ballsy

Okay English sticklers, which is the proper term: an old wife’s tale, an old wive’s tale, an old wives’s tale, or a huge pile of horse apples? If you guessed any of them, you’re right ! Actually, it’s wive’s tale, alluding to gossip coming from old ladies, which everyone KNOWS never happens. So, it’s sort of a self-describing irony. But… to digress… TONIGHT, Doc and the MadMan discuss the ponder the points of platitudes, tell tales, truths and bona fide B.S. to sort out what old wives tales really are, er… is… or…shoot a monkey. We also take a look at the first installment of MadMan’s Mind Blowers which range from the first, the last, and the only, to the always, the never, and the perhaps. You just best tune in to find out. We also christen Jimbo the Djimbe, awakening the spirit of this African drum made in Thailand. Yessirs and ma’ams… we have begun a gen U wine international incident in the percussion section at DJAMM ! Rock with us tonite, for the Equinox is but a FortNight hence ! WE BE DJAMMIN!!


Welcome, WEL-come WELCOME ! As the season approaches for Rockin’ the Equinockin’ Mad Matt and the Demented Doc have spun into movieland, concerts and special band discussion. They’re in the mood, but thankfully not in the NUDE for the upcoming BIG EVENT !Travesty Davis-ty sits in as a special guest and informed consultant on local bands, Otis own group, Claim Your Enemy

IT’s only fair becuz that magical metal melange has climbed into special status and high ranking in a respected and well recognized music web presence ! We take a gander and a long listen as Trav tells us all about it, and runs through nine band line-up of Rock the Equinox ! (It’s actually on September 22 this year, so be vernally if not eternally prepared !

We’re full of vigor, vim and memories of another V.V. of whom we held much love. 😞 😞 Here’s to you Tegan and Company. We miss you guys.
It’s another rock’em sock’em until you Equinock-’em night with the Dynamic Dude-Os. Plus one. With discussion about music documentary favorites and the like. WE BE DJAMMin’ it tooo-NIGHT-awww !


DJMM 7-19-2018 Blue Bayou

What’s your favorite Linda Ronstadt song? Okay, now Roy Orbison? Same song?? Then you HAVE arrived at the kee-rect podcast ! Tonite, Doc and MadMan cuss and discuss the latest and the lastest on Oklahoma’s SQ 788 and how some folks just can’t take YES for an answer. A few words on the good ship MayPop, aka, Goodyear Blimp and her appearance in the skies over Tim Hall’s chicken barns. There’s more talk about new bike racks, Mary Fallin, President Trump and balloons shaped like babies, castles, toasters, pigs and more. DJoin us tonite for DJAMM, cuz we’re soooooo good ! DJAMMIN’ it tonight !


DJMM 7-12-2018 Darlin

“Darlin’… I’m feelin’ pretty lonesome… I’d call you on the phone some, but I don’t have a dime… ” Oh for the days when there were phones that took dimes… or when there were phones that just made calls… and were fastened to poles on the street. MadMan picks the gee-tar tonite while Doc wails out a favorite from a Scotsman with a weird hat. Tonight we re-visit the word “weird” and why we think of people who are no longer in our lives. We remember and discuss silly customs that involve knocking the soup out of someone for looking at the circle your fingers make and riding Vespa scooter with a minner bucket, a cane pole, and a grandpa driving. What a world and life we’ve been given to be able to form such memories. Thanks to the service folks who make it all possible; those who made it home, and those who didn’t. DJAMM IT tonight, folks ~ ! DJAMM !

DJMM 5-10-2018 Ashes of Love

“Ashes of love, cold as ice,” Doc and the MadMatt take a swag at a Buck Owens classic… or was it the Highwaymen? Beach Boys? You tell us ! It’s our weekly cover, the number of which is growing each week. We find a special treat from Little Miss Murrell, and her friend Zana, as well as a bunch of country classics from the Dauntless Ditty Vault. We visit a tad about this and that, but mostly talk about the upcoming Duck Regatta at Roye Park, the growing groundswell of interest in disc golf and the good folks who are helping make it all possible. Thanks to you, Gentle Listener… we’re gaining on three years and over 130 episodes ! DJAMM WITH US TONITE !


DJMM 3-22-2018 Bob Wills and Stigler Progress

We sing, we dance we speak of wonderful things of which we are un-versed! Our universe is rich and inviting, and we invite YOU, Gentle Listener to share it with US!
Doc and MadMan travel the globe weekly from our attic studio in beautiful Downtown Stigler in order to bring you the freshest, greatest, strongest and longest winded ideas and ideals on the PLANET ! And tonite, we did it all in just 49 minutes !
We visit about the need to extend a helping hand and a listening ear to our fellow man and woman, brother, sister, child and grandfolk – a recurring theme in today inΒ our contemporary podcasts. Doc got the chance to chat with chart busting country funny man Rodney Carrington, and shares the fun with everyone about that. The DJAMM Bros put together a cover of Bob Wills’s “Stay All Night”, and blast it out for every future generation to enjoy.
So with that, G.R., we invite you’ uns all and once’t to join us in our global examinations, ruminations and general observations. WE BE DJAMMIN’ IT FA SHO!!


DJMM 12-28-2017 Happy New Year!

When January ’17 rolled around
And time was on its side
When Donnie Trump started to rant
And Obama took his last State Heli ride;

Tom Petty was sure he’d be around
to wish the Stone Temple well;
And Ralphie May’s room service tray
Was happily loaded to hell

One never knows from whence Trump blows
Or why the insulters flew, et. al.
Why lovely women put up with it all
From Weinstein, Kevin, C.K. and Al

For Death is the ultimate equalizer
Saint or demon; tycoon, mizer
December found many more in the ground
Than thought they’d be calling themselves much wiser.

Doc and the Mad-man are no sages, di-van
they just watch, listen, comment and mourn
But tonite is the once yearly
We say goodbye to those, dearly
Who we’ll never know were re-born

DJAMMIn’ It weekly, but not WEAKly,
since 2015 ~ !!! Be SWEET !

DJMM 11-9-2017 Living on Tulsey Time!

Tonight is a special night for DJAMM; an evening of firsts. It’s the night we begin our show with covers of favorite artists, tonight’s being “TULSA TIME” by Don Williams. We celebrate the work and life of the Gentle Giant himself, a reluctant superstar. We also think about the feasts and fowl of Thanksgiving, the coming Christmas season, and the interesting jobs either of us may have had, thought of having, or could never do. Join us tonight as we wail in the wake of Don’s passing; not actual woeful screeching, but our rendition of that country anthem that added a little more to the rural lore of our fair state. Join us tonight as we talk about the Mad Fam’s visit to Tinker AFB‘s air and space museum, have a bite of our favorite calzone from Total Express in Big Stig and back off just to jaw and reflect on a week, a life, a perspective of the world rarely seen outside of the podcast fantastical ! DJAMM IT, good folks !


DJMM 11-2-2017 Millennials- Nothing left but popcorn sacks and wagon tracks

There is an old tale goes something like this: A team of anthropologists are searching through some ancient ruins in the desert when they come across a tablet with some indecipherable runes written on it. So they took the rock tablet back to London and ran it through their best teams of experts, and after years of study, countless hours of research, it was determined that the tablet was six thousand years old and was written in
a tongue known to be unique to mothers and fathers of the day. It’s message? “Kids today ! The world is going to hell in a handbasket if they’re left to run it ! “
Now while Doc and MadMan may have taken a bit of license in the telling, this story is supposed to be mostly true, and yes, these thousands of years later, we’re STILL saying it about OUR kids !
MadMan’s own Mad Mia is an especially bright and talented child in her own right, and while we have no doubt that she will wind up doing a great job in the White House someday, she too is one of that infamous group of texting, gaming, slacking, never hacking kids we know now as the M’s. DJAMM takes a hard gander at this group tonight, the things they love, despise and all those things that make them unique and wise. We also think about a Haskell County Native, Chris O’Dell of Keota fame and her amazing life with John, Paul, Gio and Ringo during their heady years as the Fab Four. Leon Russell wrote a song about her – SO DID GEORGE HARRISON ! It all proves one thing: She was there, with the hair, mops, singles, bangles and all ! Dinner with Yoko, coffee with ‘The Mops.” It’s all there in her bio, “Miss Odell”. Check out these things and others with us on DJAMM’s November 2, 2017 version. WE BE DJMAMMIN!!