DJMM 12-7-2017 Diner Lingo

DJMM 12-7-2017 Diner Lingo
Kind’er like my old bluetick hound
I like to lay around in the shade
I ain’t got no moneyyy but I damsho got it maaade !

Who are Adam and Eve and why are they on a raft anyways? What bout this dog, ;painted red… and why is puddin’ nervous??

Doc and MadMan face these timeless questions plus why we need to cruel to be kind, but in the right measure. Charlie Daniels and the guys loan us a ditty from their long haired country boy favorites. We also pay special tribute to the fallen heroes of 70-odd years ago at Pearl Harbor and visit about various and assundried other favorites around and about town. Thanks for your listening patronage good and gentle listener. Merry Christmas to all and to all… something or ‘nother !