DJMM 11-9-2017 Living on Tulsey Time!

Tonight is a special night for DJAMM; an evening of firsts. It’s the night we begin our show with covers of favorite artists, tonight’s being “TULSA TIME” by Don Williams. We celebrate the work and life of the Gentle Giant himself, a reluctant superstar. We also think about the feasts and fowl of Thanksgiving, the coming Christmas season, and the interesting jobs either of us may have had, thought of having, or could never do. Join us tonight as we wail in the wake of Don’s passing; not actual woeful screeching, but our rendition of that country anthem that added a little more to the rural lore of our fair state. Join us tonight as we talk about the Mad Fam’s visit to Tinker AFB‘s air and space museum, have a bite of our favorite calzone from Total Express in Big Stig and back off just to jaw and reflect on a week, a life, a perspective of the world rarely seen outside of the podcast fantastical ! DJAMM IT, good folks !