DJMM 7-27-2017 Deep Inside Resusci-Annie

What do Tilda Swinton, Mia Goth, Donald Trump and Resusci-Annie have in common? What you you mean ” I don’t know !??” Good heavens… all you gotta do is… well… tune in and see what Doc and the MadMan have spun and saved for you this week. They talk about the need and appreciation for good police and military, and how lucky we all are to have the ones we do have. Also, we do a little turn and spin on The Donald’s recent tweets on those who are not quite the men – or women – they once were in the military. Why are there bobcats roaming the streets of our fair cities? Who lays claim to being the model for the CPR doll we all have grown to love – and kiss?? And why can NOBODY remember her name? All this, the reasons why apes, geckos and platypae all only have one nose on tonight’s Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan. Be cool, don’t drool and obey your teachers in skool, young tranny!! DJAMMIN it tonite !

DJMM 7-13-2017 It’s so Hot

How hot was it today at your house? Did it involve fried eggs and sidewalks? Popped corn and frozen cows? Lizards? Stilts? Skateboards with freezer units?? Doc and MadMan talk tonight about the heat, The Donald and the Dos and Don’ts of White House living. Also we touch upon various other aspects of country living, the good people here and the new public works projects that have been taking shape in the last several weeks.
Also, our listener base is growing and going thanks to YOU, dear friends and we thank you for it. As soon as we hit ten million listeners a week, we’re having everyone over for home made ice cream and fried pickles.
DJAMMin’ it tonite, folksies!! DJAMM !

DJMM 6-8-2017 Angels and Demons

Send me an angel…. right now ! While that ol’ 80’s ditty might not be one of your faves, we all have favorite angels. Maybe your mom is an angel, or at least your own. Or perhaps Dad, Grandad, Uncle Willy or Aunt Corrina. We all have angels in our lives, but what about REAL angels? Do you believe in them. Or do you believe they exist whether or not someone else believes in them?? Hmmm… deep stuff. Tonite MadMatt and the Doc discuss the deities of whom we often dream and ask the tough question… “What the heck are they doing here??” We also talk a tad about our President’s latest Tweets, the Comey intelligence hearings on his and The Donald’s meetings, and Bob Stoops’ recent surprise retirement. Also, what’s new in Stigler, new roadways, Rock the Equinox and MORE on DJMM this week. WE BE DJAMMIN’ IT fa Sho!!! -DJ and MM

DJMM 3-9-2017 Trump VS Trump

Who was it that said that rules were made to be broken? Well, we’re not sure, but The Donald has to carry a sampler in his pocket with that embroidered on it ! We LOVE the new Prez and want him to succeed, because that will mean that the USA is thriving. However, we just can’t ignore the Twitter clinkers that the Commander in Chief has dropped lately. Talk about… wow.

So, MadMan and the Doc decided to take an episode to talk about Trump’s First Fifty. We know that the press generally likes to gab about the first hundred, but there’s JUST TOO MUCH in the first half to ignore ! This guys is not only his own best friend, but… well… you know.

That being the case, the title we cooked up says it all… wanna understand more just tune in… DJMM OUT!

DJMM 11-10-2016 November to Remember

The Wiggler in Stigler. A November to Remember ! This weeks’ DJMM features Doc and the MadMan discussing such heart warming and earth shattering topics of tantalizing brain teasers such as Don Trump DidJaKNows; Antique automobiles that we’d love to have. Windmills we have known before they’d blown and tiny houses made out of pallets. Who’d a thunk it!!?? Join us tonight for our own brands of jawboning as we pull out the stops and jackrabbit starts on our dream cars. Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan ! We’re Here, so get USED TO IT !- DJAMM