DJMM 1-5-2017 Pizza, Donuts and Banter

Pizza, please-ahhh ! Whatever you call it; college round steak, ‘za, pizza pie, or just dinner, pizza is one of everyone’s favorite dishes. Madman’s craving for the round cheese pies we all cave toward occasionally led to an interesting quest for the history of pizza and a trip to the Total Express, a local pizza favorite stop. January 8 is the birthday of The King himself, and if you don’t who that is, then you REALLY really need to listen to this week’s episode of DJMM. Donuts, Amazon and eBay shopping and selling are just a few of the deep and powerful subjects this worldly pair examine closely. Tune in, turn on and add parmesan. We’re worth another slice ! It’s Dr. Jeffrey and the Madman with extra cheese ! – DJMM