DJMM 6-15-2017 Gracie & Zana

If I could dance, I’d dance like Gregory Hines married Fred Astaire. If I could play guitar, it would be Stevie Ray Vaughn and Eddie Van Halen’s love child; Sing? It would have to be Aretha Franklin and Pavarotti’s woods colt. But today folks… we had Zana Johnson and Gracie Murrell come to the DJAMM studio and wail for us… never been more impressed ! These lovely young prodigies are as bright and beautiful inside as their sunny exteriors would dictate, and the voices they hide inside those wonderful selves came out tonight with a glory and fervor rarely experienced outside of heaven. Zana and Gracie both are Haskell County products and members of Oklahoma Kids; a wonderful group of young folks who travel around the country making the Sooner State even more marvelous than anyone had imagined before. They shared with us a few original tunes, some covers and even taught the Kings of South Broadway what a’ capella means ! Join us tonight for Gracie and Zana / Zana and Gracie to get the treat and surprise of your early summer ! We DJAMMed it tonight ! – Doc and MadMan

DJMM 2-9-2017 Gracie Murrell

O. M. G. … Brace yourself good people, for you have no idea what you’re in for. Take a little girl, install an angel’s voice, an impish personality, and paste on a devilish smile under a red mane and freckled face… yup, that’s Gracie. Who better to belt out a classic from The King, than The undisputed Queen of Okie Tusk, Gracie Murrell. This ornery model student favored DJMM with her cherubic pipes and “dorky” personality tonight, singing four, no,… five (?) songs including “Hallelujah” and an old fave from The King himself. We caught an entire hour from the soon-to-be famous high school Junior from Stigler. She played Matt’s funky 70’s era StyleUhPhone, an accordian, her Fender acoustic and was eyeing our Groovy 60’s Yamaha Party Master organ in the corner. If you need a laugh, or a dozen, pop in for musical one-hit wonder with Gracie’s sweet, angelic tones. Tonight on Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan. DJAMM-It. Say Hello, Gracie !

DJMM 8-4-2016 Gracie Murrell Special

This podcast is a special one, featuring a special gal – Stigler’s own Gracie Murrell ! Doc and MadMan pretty much devoted the entire hour to Gracie and her unique sweet-and-special voice. What a personality. Gracie’s confidence and stage presence comes through strong and pure, much like her renditions of favorite songs such as Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”. She tells DJMM about what’s been going on in her exciting world, including trips to Nashville, performances in Angel Fire and Branson, and exciting people she’s met all along the way. Much like many of the young performers who’ve come on the show, Gracie is well on her way to much greater things. Well mannered, funny, smart and squarely situated emotionally, this young woman will set you, gentle listener, back on your heels and in your most comfy “listening chair.”
Take the time to tune in and hear the latest developments taking place for this lovely and talented young woman. You’ll be proud someday (soon!) to say that you remember her from her early days on Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan. Tune in or miss out ! Peace-In ! – DJ and MM