DJMM 7-13-2017 It’s so Hot

DJMM 7-13-2017 It's so Hot

How hot was it today at your house? Did it involve fried eggs and sidewalks? Popped corn and frozen cows? Lizards? Stilts? Skateboards with freezer units?? Doc and MadMan talk tonight about the heat, The Donald and the Dos and Don’ts of White House living. Also we touch upon various other aspects of country living, the good people here and the new public works projects that have been taking shape in the last several weeks.
Also, our listener base is growing and going thanks to YOU, dear friends and we thank you for it. As soon as we hit ten million listeners a week, we’re having everyone over for home made ice cream and fried pickles.
DJAMMin’ it tonite, folksies!! DJAMM !