DJMM 5-19-2016 Tony “Strat” Thomas & Katya Rocklives!!!

We’re not even gonna ask if you’re ready for this,.. because WE’RE not ! Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Tony Thomas and Hollywood Rocker Katya gave us the interview of the year tonight, with special insight to his life with George Clinton, playing with Prince at the legend’s Paisley Park studios in Minnesota, the amazing tales go on and on. THEN Katya herself nails us with a promise to drop a HOT new single on DJAMM podcast this summer. PLUS more news that so big, we don’t dare mention it ! You GOTTA tune in to this one, friends and neighbors … it’s just too hot to handle !

BUT WAIT! Following that was a STUNNING performance by grassroots Oklahoma country artist Dusty McDaniel who hit us with a new original tune ! If that’s not enough, he nailed us with some spot on rock and country covers that would make a stone statue weep ! We’re so excited… we just can’t hide it ! CATCH DJAMM THIS WEEK – WE DOUBLE DAWG DARE YOU ! – Doc and the MadMan

DJMM 4-7-2016

RIP to our old inspiration and favorite country legend, Merle Haggard. This week’s podcast features a heartfelt goodbye to the man who put Muskogee on the map. We dug into the Doc’s Vintage Vinyl Vault to find some ol’ tymey Merle on 33 LP to serve as this week’s Odie’s Ghostly Oldies. We also talk movies, and an exciting announcement about our move to iTunes. Also a VERY exciting announcement about new Presidential candidates who have entered the race this week from the GrassRoots Party. We won’t spoil it for you, You GOTTA tune in ! Happy Thursday, y’all ! – DJ and MM.