DJMM 11-2-2017 Millennials- Nothing left but popcorn sacks and wagon tracks

DJMM 11-2-2017 Millennials- Nothing left but popcorn sacks and wagon tracks
There is an old tale goes something like this: A team of anthropologists are searching through some ancient ruins in the desert when they come across a tablet with some indecipherable runes written on it. So they took the rock tablet back to London and ran it through their best teams of experts, and after years of study, countless hours of research, it was determined that the tablet was six thousand years old and was written in
a tongue known to be unique to mothers and fathers of the day. It’s message? “Kids today ! The world is going to hell in a handbasket if they’re left to run it ! “
Now while Doc and MadMan may have taken a bit of license in the telling, this story is supposed to be mostly true, and yes, these thousands of years later, we’re STILL saying it about OUR kids !
MadMan’s own Mad Mia is an especially bright and talented child in her own right, and while we have no doubt that she will wind up doing a great job in the White House someday, she too is one of that infamous group of texting, gaming, slacking, never hacking kids we know now as the M’s. DJAMM takes a hard gander at this group tonight, the things they love, despise and all those things that make them unique and wise. We also think about a Haskell County Native, Chris O’Dell of Keota fame and her amazing life with John, Paul, Gio and Ringo during their heady years as the Fab Four. Leon Russell wrote a song about her – SO DID GEORGE HARRISON ! It all proves one thing: She was there, with the hair, mops, singles, bangles and all ! Dinner with Yoko, coffee with ‘The Mops.” It’s all there in her bio, “Miss Odell”. Check out these things and others with us on DJAMM’s November 2, 2017 version. WE BE DJMAMMIN!!