DJMM 1-25-2017 Flippin for a Living

Are you thrifty? Do your friends tell you that you spend too much time shopping for bargains? Does Canton, Texas arouse your sense of adventure in the same way that others feel about Disneyland? Then this week’s DJAMM is for YOU ! MadMan and the Doc have become hooked on the evangelistic YouTube vids that RockStar Flipper has put out. He’s a professional ‘Thrifter’, or a person who buys something locally, marks it up and puts it online. Doc and MadMan are starting their own individual sales adventures, and it will be fun to see what they sell, save and otherwise enjoy. We also pay tribute to Mary Tyler Moore, another of America’s sweetheart’s who we lost today at age 80. Not to be least was 60’s rock icon and genius Butch Trucks, the great drummer and co-founder of the Allman Brothers Band. RIP Butch and Mary. Heaven is two geniuses richer tonight. Visit us tonite and hear the music, the stories and the ideas we’ve sprouted on the spot