DJMM 2-1-2018 Country, Netflix and Guitar Licks

“Country D.J.s know that I’m an Outlaw… they’ll never come to see me in this dive ! ” God bless David Allen Coe, the Judds, ZZ Top, Merle Haggard and any of the dozens of other country / southern rock- folk type groups who’ve given we country folks our identities in music. Doc and the MadMan take a hard look at the music of the common folk and wonder what the heck has happened to it !? We visit a bit about the music we’ve come to love and miss, then on to the up and coming graphic cartoon TV shows that are showing us the stuff of which we’re made. And how in the WORLD did Americans come to identify with 31 different gender categories? Is this Baskin Robbins, or what? It’s all of this and a bag of feed corn. LITTLE BOY COE, COME BLOW YOUR HORN !! DJAMMin’ it tonite, big and bright. Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan, Be SWEET !!