DJMM KATYA 9-22-2016 Numb in my Own Place Release

What better time to release a new single from an Equinox rocker than on the eve of the Equinox itself?! It’s our pleasure to present the release of Numb in My Own Place, a new single from Katya of KatyaMusic. Katya promised us at the beginning of Summer 2016 she would make the single available on DJMM, and she is a professional, hard rocking woman of her word and of the WORLD! Thank you, Katya for all you’ve done with us at Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan, at Rock the Equinox 2016 and best of luck to you in the future tour of Japan. Without further delay, for the first time anywhere, here is Numb In My Own Place, by Katya !