DJMM 9-15-2016 Fall has Fell

There’s nothing quite like Autumn in Oklahoma. The birds are heading south, the hay is in the barn and the music… well it’s better than ever ! This week, MadMan and Doc dust off the Vinyl Vault for the sound track of FM, a movie focusing on the golden age of frequency modulation radio in the late 1970s. We also talk about The heroes of the Paralympic Games in Rio, all of whom match up to their traditional Olympic counterparts, and are perhaps even more amazing ! Though we don’t dwell on it, we lash out at the Presidential candidates and their petty complaints and snarky comments, and reminisce about our old friend Alfred E. Neumann and his much beloved magazine. If you don’t know the name of this rag, then you GOTTA tune in tonight to take that stroll down Silly Lane with us. All that and MUCH more on Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan tonight ! – DJAMM

DJMM 9-8-2016 The Bear Hunter

Summer is rapidly winding down and we’re looking forward to white tail season. It’s in the air, but so is /are … BEAR?? !! That’s right, outdoor enthusiast and sportsman extraordinaire Kellen Davis joins us tonite and tells us about the steps necessary to have a successful Black Bear hunting season in Oklahoma. Open only in four counties, this is the fourth year for the bovine to join the ranks of baggable game on the Oklahoma Dept. of Wildlife list. Davis tells us about Black Bear habits, their history in the state of Oklahoma, what they love to eat and how they DO enjoy in a goodie barrel ! Find out what “bear crack” is, and it might surprise you. lol. That, a few thoughts on the Paralympics in Rio and other ideas, notions and musings on this week’s Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan! – DJAMM !