DJMM 10-26-2017 XS Two One Niner…Alrighty Then!

DJMM 10-26-2017 XS Two One Niner...Alrighty Then!
How high does a bird fly? How low is the ground? Would your wings break if you flew higher than the sky? How does the toughest eagle sound?
Well, we MAY not answer any of these questions on tonight’s podcast, but we do talk about a local teen’s passion for war planes, and an area native’s own collection of planes, helicopters and… well, everything.
Tonight, MadMan’s daughter Mad Mia joins us and schools the world on the armaments and speeds of a number of the world’s historic fighting raptors. Special guest Stephen Fioretti graciously stops by with his encyclopedic knowledge of our area’s aviators, airplanes and whirlybirds he has known. Tis’ a blast, to be gassed by a jet plane from the past ! Check us out tonight with MadMan and the Doc. We Be DJAMMin’ on the fly, NO LIE !!! DJAMM IT TONIGHT !!!