DJMM 3-22-2018 Bob Wills and Stigler Progress

We sing, we dance we speak of wonderful things of which we are un-versed! Our universe is rich and inviting, and we invite YOU, Gentle Listener to share it with US!
Doc and MadMan travel the globe weekly from our attic studio in beautiful Downtown Stigler in order to bring you the freshest, greatest, strongest and longest winded ideas and ideals on the PLANET ! And tonite, we did it all in just 49 minutes !
We visit about the need to extend a helping hand and a listening ear to our fellow man and woman, brother, sister, child and grandfolk – a recurring theme in today inĀ our contemporary podcasts. Doc got the chance to chat with chart busting country funny man Rodney Carrington, and shares the fun with everyone about that. The DJAMM Bros put together a cover of Bob Wills’s “Stay All Night”, and blast it out for every future generation to enjoy.
So with that, G.R., we invite you’ uns all and once’t to join us in our global examinations, ruminations and general observations. WE BE DJAMMIN’ IT FA SHO!!


DJMM 1-25-2018 Tarot Cards and Million Dollar Cigars

What happened to Monica’s dress? What’s a Henway? If a woodchuck could… wait… what rhymes with Pharaoh, can be best described as a card game and has two different meanings for each separate game piece?
The answer? Forty Two. Yes. False and why do you ask?
Is “ask” the same as “axx”? What about Axe? Or Sax?

Join us tonite when we talk about Monica’s Million Dollar Macanudo and a gen-u-wine smoker’s article worth seven figures apiece? What whaaaatt??

DJAMM it, my friends. Stay Thursday !!