DJMM 10-12-2017 Claim Your Enemy

Yo… Well, turn out the lights… the party’s over. They say that all good things must end… BUT only til next year !

Rock the Equinox 2017 spun off this year with a half dozen great bands and an exponential number of great rock and roll fans. Tonight,MadMan and The Doc host three members of Claim Your Enemy who capped last Saturday’s performances with their spot on, hard rockin, skin bangin’ brand of alternative metal.

We also talk a little about pro wrestling, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, physicist, erstwhile wrestler and theoretical … something or another…

Drop in and listen as we plan a bit for next year, hit on the performances from this year and do one last tribute to the Late Great Tom Petty. IT’s this week’s version of DJAMM and we’re ALL OVER IT !!! – DJAMM!


DJMM 9-7-2017 The Rat and the Rabbit Together Again!

Rat and Rabbit, together again. When’s the last time you talked about flying saucers (REAL ones ! ), ATHs, also known as “all terrain heifers” – and the full blown hurricane known as Irma that’s bearing down on the Gulf? All jokes aside, we do a moment of reverence this evening for the folks who are suffering due to the recent hurricane in Houston, and show great appreciation for our remote but safe little state.
We give a great deal of time to the sport of “Disc Golf” or “Frisbee Golf”, as our little town recently has installed a respectable handful of very nice goals in Roye Park. We talk at length about the game, its origins, the people who popularized it and where she got her name. Grampa Brown imparts some living history with us in a story about a grist mill that sat where DJAMM Studios does today, and we catch up with Six Flags, the Seven Legged calf, soon to be a traveling icon of learning, leg churning and hay burning. Tune in tonite as we get it RIGHT. !! DJAMM IT !

DJMM 1-12-2017 Reliance Code Rocklahoma 2017

True to their name, Reliance Code showed up and rocked us with some great news about their band tonight. The ‘soon to be’ headliners have made the cut to be on the event banner for Rocklahoma, 2017 ! Stigler’s own bunch of mainstream rockers has come a long way in the ten months since they visited with us last. Bassist Josh Roach, front man Todd Falconer, guitar god Shane Diego and uber-tight colleague ax man Cody Peebles spent an hour with us discussing how it all came to be, their philosophy on their music and where the feelings come from. “Come hang with us all tonight as we spend the whole podcast discussing the evolution of this ‘band family” and the brand of emotion they serve with each guitar lick, vocal kick and slap of the skins.
It’s DJMM, January 12, 2017 – DJAMM !!!

DJMM 1-5-2017 Pizza, Donuts and Banter

Pizza, please-ahhh ! Whatever you call it; college round steak, ‘za, pizza pie, or just dinner, pizza is one of everyone’s favorite dishes. Madman’s craving for the round cheese pies we all cave toward occasionally led to an interesting quest for the history of pizza and a trip to the Total Express, a local pizza favorite stop. January 8 is the birthday of The King himself, and if you don’t who that is, then you REALLY really need to listen to this week’s episode of DJMM. Donuts, Amazon and eBay shopping and selling are just a few of the deep and powerful subjects this worldly pair examine closely. Tune in, turn on and add parmesan. We’re worth another slice ! It’s Dr. Jeffrey and the Madman with extra cheese ! – DJMM

DJMM 8-24-2016 The Doc is In, Rock the Equinox is on the Way

Well folks…what can I say, Dr Jeffrey is back and gives us all an update. I know everyone wants to hear how things are… Then we discuss our 100 days of concert prep, anticipation and future outlook of what Rock the Equinox is all about for us. Short and Sweet of it…we got a concert to put on this weekend…we…yea thats right WE…Dr. Jeffrey and the Madman will see you there!!!

DJMM 8-11-2016 The Devil You Adore Special

The Devil You Adore Shares Past, Present and Future Fun with DJAMM.

Hard working. Trustworthy. Moralistic. Talented. Four words that aren’t always used together to describe one person, let alone a group of them. But, The Devil You Adore isn’t just any old group. No way.

During their second appearance on DJAMM show tonight. Dizzy D. B.A. Barraw and Travesty gave listeners a good glimpse into that band’s depth of character. Don’t let the name fool you. These folks have a work ethic and sense of humanity that extends far past so-called humanitarians. The name only refers to everyone’s favorite vice; food, TV, video, clothes, work – we all have one. These folks are no more ‘devil oriented’ than chocolate cake or boiled egg halves at Thanksgiving.
Lead singer Dizz tells us about her earliest influences, her favorite parts about being in a band, and why she chose this group of dudes to sing with; dudes who are all much older than her 19 years. It’s an interesting and compelling tale
DYA tells us about their performances at this year’s Rocklahoma and the people responsible for making all that happen. They also do a shout out to special people who have helped them along the way, including promoters, venues and just plain ol’ good people. People much like they are.
We also take time to thank our growing list of sponsors for the upcoming Rock the Equinox concert at Lake John Wells on August 27. Come out from under your rock and rock with US on that day! Go to to see details and find out where you can get your tickets.
This is one for the books and the bookers folks ! Hear and meet the band partially responsible for the Okie Tusk genre, and what their plans are for the future. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn what they’ve been up to, and what they have up their rock and roll sleeves.
Peace-In, gentle listeners. Rock out with your… socks out.
– DJ and MM
August 11, 2016

DJMM 7-21-2016 KATYA interview and Rock the Equinox

If every day was like today… we JUST don’t know if we could stand it! It will sure be hard to follow this one, folks and fans. We had a great presentation and reception at Stigler-Haskell County Chamber of Commerce’s monthly luncheon, where we talked about our upcoming Rock the Equinox concert at Lake John Wells. Yup, the MadMan and I talk about the excitement we felt from the group there, and the buzz around the music that’s just around the corner. We take a few minutes to thank our first wave of event sponsors, Stigler Chamber of Commerce, Aaron Bailey Shelter Insurance, First National Bank of Stigler, and Bill Cox Insurance and Real Estate. Our August 27 show ignited a passion in our hearts and in those around us… but one who MAY feel it more is tonight’s special guest, Hollywood rocker, Katya of KatyaMusic who spent a good chunk of time catching us up on her preparations for her fifth tour of Japan. She’s pumped to blast it all off right here in The Big Stig as our headliner, featuring Vague Vendetta, Reliance Code and Rocklahoma artists The Devil You Adore! We take a trip on memory “lake” as I recall the legends of kiddie trains, ice cream cones and the days of merry-go-rounds at Lake John Wells. Our area’s slice of Shangri-La is still beautiful, with its 220 acres of surface water, abundant camping spots and fishing opportunities galore. Step back and take a gander at this week’s Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan Show. We’ll see you on the air ! – DJMM

DJMM 6-9-2016 Reliance Code Special

Will wonders ever cease? WE hope not ! Tonite was a very special night on DJAMM, first we kicked it all off with our favorite guest DJ, Uncle Gray the Mystery DJ, who hit us with some of his favorite vintage platters and talked about where life is leading him. As if that wasn’t enough, we were favored with the presence of a dynamic cast of burgeoning stars, aka, Reliance Code. The homegrown rock band from our hometown consists of Chris Law, Josh Roach, Cody Peebles, Todd Falconer, and Shane Diego. The energetic bunch opened up to us about the new face of indie rock, the trials and sacrifices involved in assembling and keeping a band together; THEN as a bonus, they dropped a FIRST-EVER public performance of an acoustic version of their crowd favorite, “I Just Wanna Be Me”.  We also play their studio track Fight For Life! It just KEEPS getting better folks. If you’re missing us now, you’re missing OUT ! Peace-In, Dear Listeners ! -DJ & MM.