DJMM 7-27-2017 Deep Inside Resusci-Annie

What do Tilda Swinton, Mia Goth, Donald Trump and Resusci-Annie have in common? What you you mean ” I don’t know !??” Good heavens… all you gotta do is… well… tune in and see what Doc and the MadMan have spun and saved for you this week. They talk about the need and appreciation for good police and military, and how lucky we all are to have the ones we do have. Also, we do a little turn and spin on The Donald’s recent tweets on those who are not quite the men – or women – they once were in the military. Why are there bobcats roaming the streets of our fair cities? Who lays claim to being the model for the CPR doll we all have grown to love – and kiss?? And why can NOBODY remember her name? All this, the reasons why apes, geckos and platypae all only have one nose on tonight’s Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan. Be cool, don’t drool and obey your teachers in skool, young tranny!! DJAMMIN it tonite !