DJMM 11-29-2018 Etiquette

After a short hiatus from the grueling podcast world, Doc and MadMan return with a celebration of etiquette, new friends and sponsors. That’s right. They answer the time-honored question, “What’s the classiest way to pass off a fart in public?” Yep, we tackle the hardest and the Fardest questions one could possibly conjure. We also begin a review of 2018’s finest musical efforts, and discuss the loss of our longtime idol Roy Clark. A hint at what’s coming for the Christmas podcasts follows and then a complete surprise: We reveal the proper hand one should use to wave, and also answer, “Salt? Pepper? Both?” Yeah, folks, it just don’t get no swankier than these fellers. All this and free tickets to see Carol Channing fight Mike Tyson ! DJAMM it, DJAMMERS !!


As Sir Isaac Newton once said after the apple fell on his P.C., ” Forecast calls for ROCK this weekend!” You got it, boys and girls, they Third Annual Rock the Equinox Concert is happening this weekend in Stigler at the mighty and majestic Lake John Wells near Stigler. And, as you might guess, Doc and the MadMan have plenty to say about it . After a rundown of the bands, the food, the folks and the fun, the Dastardly Duo depart on a journey leading through the magical land of fun, including Crap we Found Online, MadMan’s Mind Blowers and Wive’s Tales No Wife Will Want. Tune in to the podcast and learn a whole lot more than you ever cared to know about katydids, the guillotine, hangover cures and what else may ail ye ! We be DJAMMIN’ this WEEKEND at LJW !!


DJMM 9-13-2018 Fallsy Ballsy

Okay English sticklers, which is the proper term: an old wife’s tale, an old wive’s tale, an old wives’s tale, or a huge pile of horse apples? If you guessed any of them, you’re right ! Actually, it’s wive’s tale, alluding to gossip coming from old ladies, which everyone KNOWS never happens. So, it’s sort of a self-describing irony. But… to digress… TONIGHT, Doc and the MadMan discuss the ponder the points of platitudes, tell tales, truths and bona fide B.S. to sort out what old wives tales really are, er… is… or…shoot a monkey. We also take a look at the first installment of MadMan’s Mind Blowers which range from the first, the last, and the only, to the always, the never, and the perhaps. You just best tune in to find out. We also christen Jimbo the Djimbe, awakening the spirit of this African drum made in Thailand. Yessirs and ma’ams… we have begun a gen U wine international incident in the percussion section at DJAMM ! Rock with us tonite, for the Equinox is but a FortNight hence ! WE BE DJAMMIN!!


Welcome, WEL-come WELCOME ! As the season approaches for Rockin’ the Equinockin’ Mad Matt and the Demented Doc have spun into movieland, concerts and special band discussion. They’re in the mood, but thankfully not in the NUDE for the upcoming BIG EVENT !Travesty Davis-ty sits in as a special guest and informed consultant on local bands, Otis own group, Claim Your Enemy

IT’s only fair becuz that magical metal melange has climbed into special status and high ranking in a respected and well recognized music web presence ! We take a gander and a long listen as Trav tells us all about it, and runs through nine band line-up of Rock the Equinox ! (It’s actually on September 22 this year, so be vernally if not eternally prepared !

We’re full of vigor, vim and memories of another V.V. of whom we held much love. 😞 😞 Here’s to you Tegan and Company. We miss you guys.
It’s another rock’em sock’em until you Equinock-’em night with the Dynamic Dude-Os. Plus one. With discussion about music documentary favorites and the like. WE BE DJAMMin’ it tooo-NIGHT-awww !


DJMM 3-1-2018 Iconic Guitars

What’s the name of YOUR rock and roll guitar? Don’t have a rock guitar of your own, you say? Okay… what about an iconic guitar belonging to someone else who might have named it cleverly? Still none? WHaaa!!?? GET A LIFE !! But seriously folks,.. MadMan and the Doc sit down to set down and set out to sit down and see some of their most favorite GEE-tarrs of all time. From Fender Telecasters, to Stratocasters to Mosrite Gospel Surfer, Strats, all… we peek into the personas of some of rock’s iconic axes and spin a few yarns about concerts we have known. Join us tonite for a little talk about tight strings, loose finishes and missing E-strings from Captain Jack Sparrow’s Gee-pap’s gee-tar. DJAMM IT, folks !!


DJMM 12-21-2017 Merry Christmas

Skip your podcast once, shame on you. Skip your podcast twice, well… you’re only being a dum dum, hurting yourself, cutting off your broadcast to spite your podcast, … the list goes on. MadMan and the Doc are BACK, and are up to their old tricks. Tonite’s fun and fodder foams and steams from all conceivable and original orifae of the human CORN-dishhun… We visit a bit about the indigent prisoner cemetery out yonder in McAlester, where the old prisoners go to be buried when nobody comes to claim them. Depressing, no? Well, we thought so too, but Trump thought it was a RIOT and insisted we make fun of them. So being afraid he’d remove our funding and harass us, we complied. Also, we talk abit about our associates who have a little different take on the world in general, and what they do for fun on Friday nights. It JUST so happens that Peckerwood Hill ( the name for the prison cemetery in McAlester) is RIGHT acrost the street from Fat Mary’s, Eastern Oklahoma’s NUMBER ONE source for Altertnative Entertaining and entertainment, cabaret competitions and cocktail training schools. Also happens to be the ONLY one. It’s no wonder that they gain clientele far and wide, near and far, in and out, Up and Down and back’ard and for’ards from all over. We talk about music, poetry, rappin’, wrapping, wefting and warping as we discuss one lucky couple’s 60 year marriage in their private sojourn through this world. This little light of ourn’ we gotta let it shine ! All these things and more from your number ONE source for news and entertainment on Stigler’s South Broadway. DJAMMin’ it weekly, if not weakly. Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan ! BE SWEET !!


DJMM 11-16-2017 Gypsies, Giants and Jammin’ Again !

Hey ! Has anybody seen my Sweet Gypsy Rose? Who exactly ARE the gypsies anyway, and what do they do? Where did they come from? Do we know any? Doc and the MadMan discuss all of these things, including their history, their DNA make up, what they do and have done for a living and their rich and varied MUSICAL traditions and abilities ! For the Slam Fam Fans around tonite, we talk about the One and Only Great Andre the Giant and his massive paws. Casts of the big man’s hands, along with many others are scattered across the globe along with the legends of his super human exploits in the ring, on the barstool and sometimes even at the beach ! We sing a little Eagle song tonight, but not the Tony Orlando ditty we teased you with. lol. So hang in there, and give us a listen. ONE hour a day will make your long day more and more tolerable at work, home or in solitary confinement. DJAMM it when you CAN ! 


DJMM 10-12-2017 Claim Your Enemy

Yo… Well, turn out the lights… the party’s over. They say that all good things must end… BUT only til next year !

Rock the Equinox 2017 spun off this year with a half dozen great bands and an exponential number of great rock and roll fans. Tonight,MadMan and The Doc host three members of Claim Your Enemy who capped last Saturday’s performances with their spot on, hard rockin, skin bangin’ brand of alternative metal.

We also talk a little about pro wrestling, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, physicist, erstwhile wrestler and theoretical … something or another…

Drop in and listen as we plan a bit for next year, hit on the performances from this year and do one last tribute to the Late Great Tom Petty. IT’s this week’s version of DJAMM and we’re ALL OVER IT !!! – DJAMM!


DJMM 10-4-2017 Getting Ready to Rock The Equinox

Recipe for a great weekend: Find a dog, a couple of band moms, a “bam-ily” dinner and some die hard rock fans. Okay… not take them to the coolest little lake in Oklahoma. Not too big, not too small, beautiful setting. Now, bring a few hundred friends, some cool guitars and your most talented buddies with their love interests and mix them all together. Whatdya got ! ?? Rock the Equinox this weekend at Lake John Wells in Stigler ! Scorned, Solidify, Switchbach, Claim Your Enemy, Reliance Code & Vague Vendetta are all coming with their fan contingent to support, cheer on their friends and watch Fall take ahold of our fair segment of Oklahoma ! Also we say goodbye to a Rock legend… observe a moment of reverence for those affected most deeply by the Vegas shootings and talk a little bit about old police cars. We be Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan, Baybeeee ! YEAHHH !!!! DJAMMITT ~~!!!