DJMM 7-12-2018 Darlin

“Darlin’… I’m feelin’ pretty lonesome… I’d call you on the phone some, but I don’t have a dime… ” Oh for the days when there were phones that took dimes… or when there were phones that just made calls… and were fastened to poles on the street. MadMan picks the gee-tar tonite while Doc wails out a favorite from a Scotsman with a weird hat. Tonight we re-visit the word “weird” and why we think of people who are no longer in our lives. We remember and discuss silly customs that involve knocking the soup out of someone for looking at the circle your fingers make and riding Vespa scooter with a minner bucket, a cane pole, and a grandpa driving. What a world and life we’ve been given to be able to form such memories. Thanks to the service folks who make it all possible; those who made it home, and those who didn’t. DJAMM IT tonight, folks ~ ! DJAMM !

DJMM 6-28-2018 Tandoori Blues with Copenhagen Shuffle to come

Copenhagen Shuffle. No, it isn’t what happens when you step barefoot onto the sidewalk in Stillwater. Nor is it just a city in Denmark. Doc and MadMan have been at the creative drawing board again… this time scuplting words into lyrics. However, you don’t get to listen to this magical musical mayhem… yet. 😛 Catch tonite’s take on the new legislation allowing use of Medical MaryJane in the Sooner State, and the proverbial can of lethargic worms it proposes. We also discuss the Trump Admins attempt to un-do the mess at the southern border in order to re-unite the kiddos with their “criminally inclined” parents. MadMan favors you, Bold Listener, with some luscious licks of his Magical Martin, and the pair share a couple dozen laughts about Pinchers, puppies, purses, prizes and preparations for 420 Salves. WE BE DJAMMIN’ IT TONITE ! DJAMM, JUNE 28, 2018.


DJMM 6-7-2018 National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

What size life jacket does your dog wear? What about your favorite AM radio station? No, you say? Okay… what about naming the album which charted in America for over 800 weeks? Here’s a hint: It’s NOTHING by anyone who’s on the charts today, or even anything they own. Join MadMan and the Mad Doc as they take a stroll down the lanes of yesteryear… wishing and sometimes washing the windows of memory, and dredging up the finer memories of life in a simpler time. It’s Two-Way radios, carbide generators, call letters and the Hog Scraper Stomp ! We be DJAMMIN’ it hard tonite ! – DJAMM, June 7, 2018.

DJMM 3-22-2018 Bob Wills and Stigler Progress

We sing, we dance we speak of wonderful things of which we are un-versed! Our universe is rich and inviting, and we invite YOU, Gentle Listener to share it with US!
Doc and MadMan travel the globe weekly from our attic studio in beautiful Downtown Stigler in order to bring you the freshest, greatest, strongest and longest winded ideas and ideals on the PLANET ! And tonite, we did it all in just 49 minutes !
We visit about the need to extend a helping hand and a listening ear to our fellow man and woman, brother, sister, child and grandfolk – a recurring theme in today in our contemporary podcasts. Doc got the chance to chat with chart busting country funny man Rodney Carrington, and shares the fun with everyone about that. The DJAMM Bros put together a cover of Bob Wills’s “Stay All Night”, and blast it out for every future generation to enjoy.
So with that, G.R., we invite you’ uns all and once’t to join us in our global examinations, ruminations and general observations. WE BE DJAMMIN’ IT FA SHO!!



RIP to our favorite theoretical physicist, Dr. Stephen W. Hawking. Hats off to you, Steve. Doc and MadMan will host a more formal examination of your life and theories in weeks to come. Beyond that, tonight we talk about personal experiences with women in the Men’s room, dogs who open their own doors, and a young man from Haskell , OK who does his own music – Christian Hip Hop? We got it. You heard it first here… we hope. lol
Although we don’t actually sing a song tonight, we do touch upon some bongo licks, drum sticks and guitar tricks with which to goggle the mind. OH, and lest we forget, the inherently amazing Trevor McBane makes his debut on American Idol this weekend ! And just in case we didn’t tell you before: WE TOLD YOU SO!! All this, MadMan’s guitar prowess, Doc’s amateur bongo-ness and just a general palaveric MESS tonight with MadMan and the equally insane Doc Jeffrey. THEE BEAR OR SQUEE BARE ! DJAMMIN’ IT SINCE 2015 !.


DJMM 3-8-2018 School Bond Blues

SCHOOL BOND BLUES IS BACK ! Everybody’s got them. Those who are in favor of passing the bond got ’em. Those who are NOT in favor got ’em. What are they? They’re the SCHOOL BOND BLUES ! MadMan and the Doc took a few minutes to busk a belly laughing rendition of what might be someone’s take on the whole situation. Okay, it’s OUR take on the situation. Tonite we discuss the ups and downs of passing a bond issue in a cash strapped school district. Then we talk about music an its impact on us all, and what the world might be like without guitars, fiddles, pianos and accordians. We talk about what would happen if there was nothing to make us all pat our feet and dance around in our drawers when no one is looking. Hopefully… Finally we reach out to the good hearted, and admonish the world to stop and listen to someone who might seem to be having a bad day. The lives you save may be some folks you love… as well as your own. CHANGE AND MAJOR MOVEMENTS BEGIN AT HOME, GOOD FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS ! Lend us an ear tonight, Gentle Listener. We might actually make sense to you ! – DJAMMIN’ it Every week since 2015 !!


DJMM 3-1-2018 Iconic Guitars

What’s the name of YOUR rock and roll guitar? Don’t have a rock guitar of your own, you say? Okay… what about an iconic guitar belonging to someone else who might have named it cleverly? Still none? WHaaa!!?? GET A LIFE !! But seriously folks,.. MadMan and the Doc sit down to set down and set out to sit down and see some of their most favorite GEE-tarrs of all time. From Fender Telecasters, to Stratocasters to Mosrite Gospel Surfer, Strats, all… we peek into the personas of some of rock’s iconic axes and spin a few yarns about concerts we have known. Join us tonite for a little talk about tight strings, loose finishes and missing E-strings from Captain Jack Sparrow’s Gee-pap’s gee-tar. DJAMM IT, folks !!


DJMM 12-28-2017 Happy New Year!

When January ’17 rolled around
And time was on its side
When Donnie Trump started to rant
And Obama took his last State Heli ride;

Tom Petty was sure he’d be around
to wish the Stone Temple well;
And Ralphie May’s room service tray
Was happily loaded to hell

One never knows from whence Trump blows
Or why the insulters flew, et. al.
Why lovely women put up with it all
From Weinstein, Kevin, C.K. and Al

For Death is the ultimate equalizer
Saint or demon; tycoon, mizer
December found many more in the ground
Than thought they’d be calling themselves much wiser.

Doc and the Mad-man are no sages, di-van
they just watch, listen, comment and mourn
But tonite is the once yearly
We say goodbye to those, dearly
Who we’ll never know were re-born

DJAMMIn’ It weekly, but not WEAKly,
since 2015 ~ !!! Be SWEET !

DJMM 11-30-2017 Sluggin & Buggin

A haiku for you
hits home in Oklahoma
Listen, Laugh, learn, LIVE !
On this SPECIAL EDITION DJAMM, the undisputed Princes of Okie Tusk mix nonsense with MadMan’s considerable tech savvy. The concern tonight? Whe’r or not Net providers have a right to censor our sensible internet prowlings.
In other words, Internet ain’t soon gonna be what it was. Net Neutrality? Are you gonna be, or Be naught?
Slugz n Bugz n turtles in flight
Creepies and crawlies what go bump in da night…
Graphic novels in hovels and artists a-draw; Maus-es and Spendor and pizza , yee haw ! Talk about turkeys and puppies and long lost manners
Co-hosts now fired, good riddance Perv Pests. Hope you find a good box for your desk. RIP GOMER !!


DJMM 11-16-2017 Gypsies, Giants and Jammin’ Again !

Hey ! Has anybody seen my Sweet Gypsy Rose? Who exactly ARE the gypsies anyway, and what do they do? Where did they come from? Do we know any? Doc and the MadMan discuss all of these things, including their history, their DNA make up, what they do and have done for a living and their rich and varied MUSICAL traditions and abilities ! For the Slam Fam Fans around tonite, we talk about the One and Only Great Andre the Giant and his massive paws. Casts of the big man’s hands, along with many others are scattered across the globe along with the legends of his super human exploits in the ring, on the barstool and sometimes even at the beach ! We sing a little Eagle song tonight, but not the Tony Orlando ditty we teased you with. lol. So hang in there, and give us a listen. ONE hour a day will make your long day more and more tolerable at work, home or in solitary confinement. DJAMM it when you CAN !