DJMM 8-10-2017 T-minus Dog Days and counting

“A funny thing happened on the way to the Space Shuttle launch… ” Yep, as a feller or gal might imagine we have a friend and cousin who worked on the space shuttle program. Cousin Patty from Cincinatti visited with us about her time as a quality engineer for that batch of flying machines, and she shares her experiences with us. Patti was a California girl for most of her life, lived in the desert near the legendary Coachella Valley. We hear about citrus, and gila monsters; golf resorts, the best airports and how a longhorn sheep snorts when they come down in the middle of the Bob Hope Classic. Join us as Patty tells us how dates DO grow on trees … but not the kind you have to meet someone’s Mom and Dad over. All this, the latest on Rock the Equinox, How to Grease Your Flamethrower without shutting it down, and a test on MadMan’s memory about the International Space Station on tonight’s Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan ! We Be DJAMMIN’ !! = Doc AND MadMan ~ !