DJMM 1-11-2018 Food Trucks and Technology

DJMM 1-11-2018 Food Trucks and Technology
We sang, we danced, we laughed out loud.
We told old tales, of snakes and snails and bellowed out our fav’rites, long and proud.

Talking of wagons, Dog- Food and dragons

we found a song to play and sing with glee


And once more this week, we found nothing bleak, this MadMan with Dr. Jeff-rey.


Join us this week as we talk about high tech coming to self driving cars, the military and the scientific community as it accentuates the positive in our big trucks, military and chow wagons acros’t the country.


Matt picks the Gee-tar, while Doc tries to sing a bit on n old Neil Young ditty that Linda Ronstadt made famous back in the 70s. Of course, we agreed…. “NO BODY sang it, or anything else for that matter, like Linda R did “. DJAMM-IT, we had another dandy tonight. Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan ! BE COOL, STAY IN SCHOOL, Don’t DROOL, Foo’ !! – DJAMM !