DJMM 6-21-2018 The Destination

When’s the last time somebody looked at your feet and yelled, “SHARRRRKK!!” ? Well it happened right here, Gentle Listener, on Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan ! The mannerly and multi talented young men of The Destination paid us a visit and favored our listener-ship with a variety of new tunes, crafted in their young hearts and perfected under teenage finger picking. Members Chase Prince, Isaac Williams and “Destroyer” Lytle did dangerous duty with us in DJAMM Studios on South Broadway. The talk ranged from ancient Native American Treasures, concerts on the beach and – yup, you guessed it, – socks. Socks with Sharks. Socks with American Motifs and socks with, well… less than pleasant airs about them. Doc and Madd Matt enjoyed the Townies with their three piece band. It’s good to watch these boys grow into young men, their confidences and personalities show with each passing performance. VISIT US AT, and download tonight’s Destination ditties ! WE BE DJAMMIN’, I’m telling ya !


DJMM 1-19-2017 The Destination

When does one plus 1 plus uno equal 43? When it’s the ages of our musical guests, the Destination ! Doc and the MadMan eagerly welcomed Chase Prince, Isaac Williams and Michael McCormick back for an encore visit to the show. Since their last appearance on DJMM, the trio have become more polished, confident and broader in their musical repertoire, boasting an unknown number of songs and two solid set lists ! January 19’s episode brings Destination’s version of some Tom Petty, Cody Canada and others, numbering five in all. These young men are on their way up, and will be well on the road to success – once any of them gets old enough to get a driver’s license ! Tune into Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan and enjoy the banter, a dose of Star Wars and Dukes of Hazzard trivia and just some good young people making good music. Catch it, but don’t drop it – it’s HOT ! – DJAMM !