DJMM 1-18-2018 The Mind is a Terrible Thing

Do you know any weirdos born on January 17? What about anyone who has imitated someone else, who is pretending to be someone else, who is acting like an actor, acting like still a FOURTH person… and everyone was able to keep up with who was who / whom…
Geeezerss… that’s hard even for US to keep straight !! Anyway…
We take on that formidable task this week and try to sort out what Jim Carrey / Andy Kaufman / Latka Gravas / Tony Clifton meant when he said, “Tan’k jou berry muttss !!”

We didn’t know that all four of them (three… two??) of them were born on the same day, thirteen years apart. Seems incredible, yet totally credible; surreal, yet completely real that Jim Carrey had troubles keeping it straight in his twisted mind.

So tune in tonight and listen as we talk / listen and learn about those guys during their recent examination of the shooting of “Man in the Moon,” the docu-dramedy about Andy Kaufman; and the documentary about Jim Carey entitled Jim and Andy. The second is Carrey trying to sort it all out these twenty years later, and us trying to keep up as he does.

We have a loose grip on all of that, as well as a little examination of palm reading, something similar about the Tarot, palm reading and what the heck is the Scimian Crease anyhoo??

Tune in, turn on and blow out tonight with Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan as we slice it, dice it and start checking it thrice – it be DJAMM at her finest !!
Tune in, turn on and blow out tonight with Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan as we slice it, dice it and start checking it thrice – it be DJAMM at her finest !!
DJAMM-it, Boy, turn down that rock and roll music ! It’s gonna make hair grow on your palms !!

No,.. wait… that’s something else… 😀

Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan ! BE SWEET !!

DJMM 9-22-2016 Cartoons

You are never too old to be a cartoon fan! We go on a nostalgic journey to the cartoon world! As usual we sidetrack in to some related, but not specifically related to the cartoon world…ever hear of beta, why is called a clicker??? Seriously you will have to listen to understand…Have a Great Week and Thank You for Listening!!! DJMM

DJMM 6-30-2016 Throwback Thursday Special

Happy Birthday America! The Djamm is on Holiday break for Merica’s 4th of July Birthday! We decided to highlight the beginnings of our podcast show from 2015!. Tune in as we turn back time, and enjoy the clips from September all the way to December! These clips have never been available on our website until now! Please have a safe Holiday, and will be back next week to update you on the big news in the Djamm world!

DJMM 4-14-2016

Can you remember the first time you said “it’s not fair !”. Now what about the day you actually realized that all of life REALLY wasn’t fair? This week’s DJMM focuses on the awkward evolution of the Safe Spaces movement, and the narcissistic twists and turns, into which it continues to be spun by Generation Me. We also pour some hot Led on ya, with another selection from Jimmy, Robert and the Boys. Hints of the BigFoot / Siri 2016 platform are teased along with our usual line up of shouts out, original wit and general bull in session. All this and tons more on this week’s Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan Show. Be Cool, Ya’ll ! – Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan