DJMM 2-1-2018 Country, Netflix and Guitar Licks

“Country D.J.s know that I’m an Outlaw… they’ll never come to see me in this dive ! ” God bless David Allen Coe, the Judds, ZZ Top, Merle Haggard and any of the dozens of other country / southern rock- folk type groups who’ve given we country folks our identities in music. Doc and the MadMan take a hard look at the music of the common folk and wonder what the heck has happened to it !? We visit a bit about the music we’ve come to love and miss, then on to the up and coming graphic cartoon TV shows that are showing us the stuff of which we’re made. And how in the WORLD did Americans come to identify with 31 different gender categories? Is this Baskin Robbins, or what? It’s all of this and a bag of feed corn. LITTLE BOY COE, COME BLOW YOUR HORN !! DJAMMin’ it tonite, big and bright. Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan, Be SWEET !!


DJMM 2-2-2017 Odie’s Ghostly Oldies Tribute

“With Silver wings upon his chest, they are men… America’s best” Yep, we play The Ballad of the Green Berets tonight as part of our Odie’s Ghostly Oldies tribute. We felt we’d been neglecting our favorite resident ghost (we’re not sure if we have more, so just hedging the bet), so we played an eclectic group of songs.
It was a strange day, after saying goodbye to a very unique, hard laughing, hard living friend, we were drawn to the power of music as interpreted by a number of artists who see the world in a different ways. The Police, Sheb Wooley, Sargent Barry Sadler and Jeff Beck top our Odie’s Chart tonight, plus we talk a bit about February 2 and the rat we all love up in PA. This and more, more MORE on Dr. Jeffrey and the Madman tonight.YEEE–HAAWWWWW !!! – DJAMM IT, BY DAMMITT!!!
This is an unofficial RIP tribute to our old friend Stacey Cole. Love you man. Godspeed. Let us know what it’s like after this world. Come for a visit ! -DJAMM

DJMM 9-15-2016 Fall has Fell

There’s nothing quite like Autumn in Oklahoma. The birds are heading south, the hay is in the barn and the music… well it’s better than ever ! This week, MadMan and Doc dust off the Vinyl Vault for the sound track of FM, a movie focusing on the golden age of frequency modulation radio in the late 1970s. We also talk about The heroes of the Paralympic Games in Rio, all of whom match up to their traditional Olympic counterparts, and are perhaps even more amazing ! Though we don’t dwell on it, we lash out at the Presidential candidates and their petty complaints and snarky comments, and reminisce about our old friend Alfred E. Neumann and his much beloved magazine. If you don’t know the name of this rag, then you GOTTA tune in tonight to take that stroll down Silly Lane with us. All that and MUCH more on Dr. Jeffrey and the MadMan tonight ! – DJAMM

DJMM 9-1-2016 September is Fallsy Ballsy

MadMan and the Doc are back in full swing tonite as they discuss Fall-sy things. College football highlights and the best parts of the Rock the Equinox Concert last weekend. Our resident ghost Uncle Odie makes a special spectral appearance and spins a Boz Scaggs platter straight from the vinyl vault. Doc also takes a few minutes to thank everyone who helped and prayed while he was out with open heart surgery. It’s bid-nezz as usual with DJAMM! That and more. Check us OUT !

DJMM Candy, Vinyl and Rock & Roll

JOIN us for a nostalgic look into the past! We are talking about Candy, Old Vinyl records and Rock & Roll! Our mystery DJ has Rocklahoma jotted on his resume, and can also add mystery DJ on the DJMM show! Travesty sizzles the turntable, tells us a little about The Devil You Adore upcoming shows, and contributes to our usual banter! Please show some respect Odie’s Ghostly Oldies way as Travesty does! Peace Out!

DJMM 6-2-2016 Gorillas, Odie’s Ghostly Oldies and Great Banter

Well, Memorial Day is behind the staff at DJMM and a half billion stories could be told about it… but why listen to THEM, when we have something SO much more interesting on the books !? Tonight, MadMan and the Doc squawk about the weather, rock and roll, gorillas taken before their times and do a quick turn through the Vinyl Vault. That’s right… tonight marks the return of Odie’s Ghostly Oldies. It’s a good review of the first five months of ’16 and a hint of the exciting things to come for the Boys on Broadway (in Stigler, that is!) Join us for some great banter, solid laughs and a wry perspective on the world as it races around us… trying to understand itself. Seeya there ! – DJ&MM