DJMM 12-1-2016 Biohackers

We’re kicking off this December with a different slant. We’re not really hoping for a white Christmas, but ¬†with today’s technology, we’ll know if the dog will be trace-able if he misses dinner and wassail ! The talk shifts to the leaps and bounds that medical technology has take in the recent past, with bio technology, cyber punk and the junk that kids funk up their faces with today. Can we depend on tiny patches of circuitry to read our thoughts? Our bones set by little ‘bots? Well, like it or ‘nots’, it’s here. We look at some of the great things that medicine may bring and discuss some of the more unsettling things that darker minds may present. Also, Doc’s got a new look for his first book, now available on our FB page, ’tis all the RAGE! Read Witching Water, via the written page ! It’s the December 1, 2016 version of Dr. Jeffrey and The MadMan ! DJAMMin’ it !